About Me

I'm a PhD student at Clare College, Cambridge University, co-supervised by Rich Turner at the Machine Learning Group and John Aston at Statslab. My research is broadly into machine learning and computational statistics. Before starting my PhD, I studied Maths at Cambridge for four years, including Part III. I focused mainly on Probability and Algebra courses in the final year, and wrote my Part III essay "Mixing Times of Random Transpositions" under the supervision of Nathanaël Berestycki. I worked as an actuarial consultant before starting my PhD, and recently interned as a quant researcher at a systematic trading firm. I am currently interning with DeepMind.

Talks and Teaching

I'm supervising Part IB Statistics and giving examples classes for Part III Bayesian Modelling and Computation in Lent 2017. I've also supervised Part IA Probability, Part IA Group Theory, Part IB Statistics, and Part IB Linear Algebra in previous years, and regularly run MATLAB introduction sessions for Maths Tripos students.

Selected recent talks:

Symmetry in Statistical Models (with Maria Lomeli) - MLG Reading Group, December 2016

Tightness of LP Relaxations for Almost Balanced Models - International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP), Toulouse, September 2016

Coupling from the Past - Machine Learning Group Tea Talk, March 2016

Stochastic Approximation Theory (with Yingzhen Li) - Machine Learning Reading Group, November 2015